Life At Screwfix - Gemma Fisk

Meet Branch Manager Gemma and find out all about what it's like being a female manager at Screwfix

What attracted you to Screwfix? Did you have any pre-conceptions about it being a male heavy company? If so, has that myth been busted now you work here?

To be completely honest when I first interviewed for Screwfix, I hadn't thought too much about it, I had just been made redundant from my last job and was applying to anything. When I got the call back to come for an interview, I was a little worried, what did I know about tools or DIY?? Thats what the males in the family are there for right? I started to doubt myself, why did I even apply to this job they will think I'm stupid not knowing anything about the diy world. 

However, from the moment I stepped into the interview I felt completely at ease a) there was a woman conducting my interview who was a manager there and b) they weren't asking me questions like what drill bit would I use for this material or how would I know which tool is right for the job they asked general questions about customer service, and past experiences in old jobs and I could answer all of these questions. It made me feel silly for thinking It would all be about the technical aspect of it and I just treated it like your average retail job. Over the years I have picked up a lot of knowledge that helps me in the day to day life with customer queries however there is still a lot I do not know the answers too and that's ok too. The myth that it is a male heavy company seems completely ridiculous to me now why should it just be men that can work in a DIY store. Plus, it's fun to see the customers faces when they ask for the manager and I walk round the corner. 

What’s the work-life/family life balance like for you? 

The work life vs family life balance within Screwfix is the best I have ever experienced against other jobs I've worked in. If you require a certain day off or need to change a shift even at the last minute they are more than happy to work with you to make this happen. Working for Screwfix is like working with family everyone looks out for each other and when one of us eventually leaves it's really sad. Recently I've gotten married, and the team threw me a "hen-do" at work and decorated the staff room and across the tills with bride to be decorations. When it came to my wedding day I was gifted with presents and a card signed from everyone Congratulating us. Really goes to show how close we are as a team and know I can rely on them. If any of us have issues at home we know when we come to work there will be all of us waiting to listen and help out or just be a shoulder to cry on. Through the lockdown we worked especially close together and even those that were on furlough we kept in close contact with through video calls and team chats. 

What would your advice be to someone thinking of joining?

You should apply to work for Screwfix as it is the most rewarding job you can have. Not only do you get a great home/work lifestyle, you meet great people and there are plenty of options for progression. I myself started as just a shy 16 hour part time sales assistant working Saturdays and evenings and I am now Branch Manager. If I can do it, you can do it too! There is always someone on hand to listen to you, always someone to help you out, working for Screwfix is like working with family. Screwfix also has a great vision for the future, becoming more Eco friendly removing all plastic from LAP products, Zero waste to landfills, and over £7.4 Millions raised for charity. Alongside over 500 new jobs created in just 2020 and over 800 promotions and apprenticeships Screwfix is only moving forward, and you too can come be part of this amazing journey.