Sustainability is a huge focus for our company. We’re committed to sourcing sustainable products, conducting ethical audits of suppliers and keeping products and materials in use for as long as possible , to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible.  

And it’s not just our products that we’re making more sustainable: it’s our business operation too. We’re constantly improving our product packaging, greening our energy use and maximising waste recycling. Our goal is to provide great value and customer experience while reducing our environmental impact.  

For more information about how we’re making things better, visit the Kingfisher Responsible Business page.

Make a switch

It’s all change here at Screwfix. We’re on a mission to really make a positive difference to the environment. That’s why we’ve brought in two exciting new initiatives this year / in 2022 that celebrate taking actions to support the future of our planet.

For our customers, we now offer refurbished power tools on the Screwfix website to keep products in use for longer. In doing so, we can reduce waste and provide customers with more cost-effective ways of buying the tools they need. For the past four years (since 2018-19) we have achieved our zero waste to landfill target, and we want to keep it that way for every year to come.

For our colleagues, we’ve launched Make a Switch. This initiative empowers people to share Switches they have made at home or at work to act more sustainably, the ideas are then shared back in a feedback loop so small actions can spread and collectively make a big impact. Make a Switch also showcases the changes we’re making as a business and asks our teams to suggest further Switches that Screwfix could make to be more sustainable. With £100 vouchers on offer every month, going green has never felt so good.


Sustainability. Managed.

At Screwfix, we really care about doing better for the planet. From top to bottom we are pushing to do better as a business. That’s why we have people like Olivia Green – our Sustainability Manager – leading the way to reach all of our environmental goals. Here, we catch up with Olivia to hear about her first year with Screwfix.

Olivia's story


Sustainability doesn’t just come with the drop of a hard-hat. That’s why we’ve created a strategy with six priority areas that we know need nailing. From our sourcing and manufacturing to delivery and sales, and all the way through to waste, we’re on a mission to put sustainability at the forefront of everything we do.