Joining Screwfix - Ellie Harries

Hi I’m Ellie, I’m the Social Media Manager here at Screwfix! I’m going to speak a little about the recruitment process and how I’ve found it since starting at the company.

So I applied for the job through LinkedIn after seeing it advertised, I got an email back pretty much straight away thanking me for my application, I was then offered an interview with the Head Of Marketing and the rest is history!

My first month here has been a bit of a whirlwind meeting everyone - it’s been great! I’ve been so welcomed into the team, I’ve been introduced to all the right people, shown around & given lots of cups of tea (which I can’t complain about)!

In terms of progression, I know there are loads of opportunities here at Screwfix. What I’m focusing on right now is progressing my team and seeing them adapt, also seeing our social strategy come through! I see some big changes in the future within my brilliant team, so watch this space!