'Us' Inclusion Network

Earlier this year we set up our ‘Us’ Inclusion Network and we’re so proud of the passion from so many of our colleagues to improve the working lives for everyone at Screwfix.

Our ambassadors have been working with allies and people from around the business to create and develop plans that will have meaningful change across Screwfix. 

To celebrate #NationalInclusionWeek, we caught up with some of our passionate ambassadors to find out what inclusion means to them: 

“For me, inclusion means not having to have a “work persona”, instead being able just be yourself in your day to day work without having to hide or mask parts of your personality. It also means being able to see differences in your colleagues and celebrate those differences, rather than trying to make everyone the same.” – Lani, Digital Designer  

“Inclusion to me is creating a culture where regardless of your background everyone feels welcome, valued, appreciated and able to grow.” Damian, Retail Supervisor  

“For me, inclusion means equality in any situation for every individual, no matter what their culture, religion, race or identity may be. Whether that be equal experiences, opportunities or support... It gives the ability for all people to have a voice and to express it proudly. It allows diversity to become an opportunity for us to educate ourselves and others, and it creates a safe space for all people to be their true and authentic selves.” – Murphy, Service Assistant