Spotlighting Radua - Branch Manager's career story

We are spotlighting Radua, our Highway Store Branch Manager. Radua has been with Screwfix for 12 years and has progressed from a Retail Assistant to Branch Manager with the support of her manager and peers. Read more below!

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"I have been working for Screwfix for 12 years in various roles and as a store manager for 5 years. I stared in Leyton Store and worked there while I was at university studying Fashion and Design with Business and Marketing. 

Once I graduated, my manager talked to me about the progression programmes Screwfix offer- he said he thought I would be a great store manager! A few weeks later I was put on a 1st steps course and acted up as a supervisor for 2 months, which was a great opportunity. After this, I moved to another store for 8 Months, where I completed my Assistant Manager Course. 

It was time for me to progress, so I transferred to Bow as an Assistant Manager for a year, shortly after I was offered a position at one of the larger stores, Kings Cross - while working on my Branch Manager Course. I have been a Branch Manager ever since and I currently work in the Highway store.

In the early years of my career, I faced, and overcame challenges as a woman in the Trade industry.  Which motivated me to show my expertise and succeed in my role. I was always confident with voicing my opinions and have learnt that speaking up is important. Lastly, and most importantly, being an advocate and sounding board for other women is key to building each other up, celebrating our wins, and sharing our stories to empower one another.

Screwfix is an amazing company with flexible schedules and great amount of annual leave a great space for mothers, I feel very empowered and receive a lot of support and opportunities to grow and develop my career and myself as a person."