Spotlighting Jogita - Branch Manager's career story

We absolutely loved hearing about Jogita's career story, how she has overcome fears around being a female in the Trade Industry and how she is thriving in her career with us! Read more about her story below:


I remember the day i first walked into Screwfix, 5 years ago for my interview. As I walked in, I remember looking around and thinking this wasn't for me, as the industry and the customer type was very male orientated.

However, I was made to feel very comfortable during the interview, so I didn't hesitate to accept the job when I was offered the position. It was clear the people and culture made the environment a pleasant place to be.

During my first 3 months of training, I was shocked at the number of female customers that walked into the store, and that Screwfix even stocked workwear for women; so, there was a market out there!

During my training, I came into realisation that it doesn't matter what the customer and industry orientation is, it's about the people you work with, and the interactions you have with your customers that make you want to wake up and go into work.

After 2 years of being an Assistant Store Manager, I was enrolled on the Trade Up to Branch Manager Apprenticeship Programme and was privileged to have been given the exciting opportunity to step up as a Branch Manager whilst completing my course. Although this was a bumpy journey, I don't think I would've been able to do it if it wasn't for the support I had from my colleagues.

I have now passed my course, and I am now the Branch Manager of the Wembley store.

Even now, when a female walks into the store, I remember how I felt when I first walked into a Screwfix store, so I think it's important to ensure there is a diverse team of people in store as everyone plays a part and to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable to be themselves."