Spotlighting Charlotte - Assistant Store Manager

We are spotlighting Charlotte, our Colindale branch Assistant Store Manager. As a wife and mother of two, Charlotte loves the flexibility her role can offer. Read more below:


"Hello my name is Charlotte, I'm the assistant manager at Colindale Screwfix Branch.


I have worked in the company now for 11 years and enjoy how flexible and versatile the job can be.


 I started as a part-time Sales advisor in 2011, not knowing that screws had different sizes and were used for different things. Now I can advise customers on the types of screws they require through the training given to me at work. 


Being a wife and mother of 2, I stayed at Screwfix because of the flexible shifts and convenience of being able to drop off and/or pick up my kids. There is also a lot of opportunity to move up in the company with good training and apprenticeship programmes available.


I became Supervisor in April 2019, Assistant Manager in January 2021 and now I'm doing an Apprenticeship to become a Branch Manager."